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Supernatural Essays

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spn_essays is a community dedicated to essays, discussion and analysis of Supernatural.

Essays can focus on all aspects of the show.
- characters
- relationships (whether het, slash, or gen)
- speculation on the upcoming season
- actors
- writers
- directors
- producers
- episodes
- fanfiction
- fandom

It should be more than 150 words in length. If your essay is longer than 300 words, please put it behind an LJ cut.

When posting, please place the title of your essay in the subject line, as that will make sorting them easier. Posting a link to a post in your own journal is okay. However, please do not disable commenting on posts in this community.

No flaming/spamming is allowed. Any off-topic post will be deleted. While debates are welcome, no personal attacks please.

spn_essays is for essays and meta only. You are welcome to post your essay on Supernatural fanfiction (fanon, characterization, shipping, etc) but please do not post your fanfic here.

(Rules are based on those of hp_essays.)

If you have any question, please leave a comment here.

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